Website Design for Small Businesses

A website is a key investment for any business.

A good website serves as a 24/7 advertisement, and is a representation of the quality of your work. It's not enough to only be on social media. Your website is a platform that you own where you can tell your story and showcase your services and products the best way possible. Often times, a website will be a potential client's first impression of your business.

Most importantly, a good website builds trust and authority. Would you trust a business that didn't have a website?

We help small businesses succeed by building websites that attract the right customers and drive growth.

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Web Design Work


Will I own my website once it's done?
Yes! Upon receipt of full payment, you will own the full rights to your website. Unlike some other website designers, we will never hold your website hostage with monthly subscription fees. You maintain 100% ownership over your website, forever.

How much do you charge for a website?
The honest answer is that it depends on the scope of what you need. We've written in-depth on this topic here. Outside of the investment to design the website, domain names usually cost $10-$15 per year, and hosting costs range from $12-$20 per month. Copywriting, functionalities needed, and complexity of the design all factor into the cost. Contact us today for a free quote!

How long does it take to get a website made?
Typically from start to finish, it can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Much of the timing depends on you, the client. If you have everything in place such as photos, copy, testimonials, feedback, etc., then you could get a website in a shorter time period.

Are domain names and hosting included?
Domain name and hosting costs are separate from web design costs. A domain and hosting fees are recurring charges billed separately and paid either monthly or annually, depending on your provider. We are happy to assist with setting up your domain name and provide guidance on hosting.

What platforms do you make websites on?
We primarily build websites on Webflow, an easy-to-manage website platform. Unlike WordPress websites, software updates are automatic and don’t require monthly maintenance or intervention on your end. Webflow is the perfect platform for fully custom designs, while making it easy for you to make updates and add new pages or functionality yourself without needing coding knowledge.

Can I easily make edits to the website once it's live?
Yes, of course! To make sure you're 100% comfortable, we will conduct a 1 on 1 training session for you and your team after launching your website, as well as provide you with a written how-to guide on how to make updates.

Where should I host my website?
If your website is built in Webflow, then your website will be hosted with Webflow as well. If you have a WordPress website, we'd recommend hosting your WordPress site on Flywheel.

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