6 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for Your eCommerce Business (With Subject Lines)

6 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for Your eCommerce Business (With Subject Lines)

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Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with ideas for new emails to send for your eCommerce business. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, get started with these 6 ways to keep your list engaged with your brand.

1) Sneak Peek Email

Goal: Generate hype

Subject line options: Coming soon 👀  OR For your eyes only 👀

Segment: Engaged users

Content: If you’re getting ready to try something new in your business, or launching a new product coming soon, give your engaged users a heads up to be on the lookout for future emails.

2) Social Follow Email

Goal: Grow your social media following

Subject line: Stay connected with us 👍

Segment: Engaged users

Content: Prompt your email subscribers to connect with you outside of email. Add specific buttons for each social media platform that you’re on. Give them a heads up of what they will see on your channels - whether you offer exclusive discounts to social followers, give tips, or anything else social media-specific.

3) FAQs

Goal: Free up time for you to focus on other tasks instead of answering inquiries

Subject line options: The answers to all your questions OR [Your Product] - explained

Segment: Abandoned carts in the last 30 days + people who purchased in the last 30 days

Content: Simply take your FAQ page from your website (if you have one) and compile it in email form. 

Bonus tip: Take any replies you receive from this email and add it to your FAQ page on your website.

4) Re-engagement campaign

Goal: List hygiene 

Subject line: Are you still interested?

Segment: Did not open or click in the last 3 campaigns

Content: Let the subscriber know that you also hate receiving a ton of emails, and that you wanted to check in to see if they still wanted to hear from you. 

Bonus tip: Make this an automation to have it run in the background for you.

5) Unpopular Opinion

Goal: Engagement with your list

Subject line: Do you really need [common item in your industry]?

Segment: Non-openers of the past 2 campaigns

Content: Write your opinion on a hot topic on your industry

Bonus tip: Re-post the content to social and ask people to comment their opinions

6) Industry Updates/News

Goal: Position yourself as an expert in the field

Subject line options: What we’ve been reading this week OR This week in [your industry]

Segment: Engaged users

Content: Talk about any news in your industry that has recently taken place. Whether that’s something going viral on social media, something you recently read online, or something you heard on a podcast. Anything you think your audience would be interested in if they are interested in your products or services.

Which will you try first?

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