4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for Any Business

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important for Any Business

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Over the years, email has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

Think about it. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have an email address?

Here are few reasons why Email Marketing is a must in 2021.

1) Email marketing is cost-effective

Regardless of what new trends or strategies emerge in digital marketing over the next few years, one fact will remain constant: businesses will always need to create new tactics that allow them to maximize their marketing budget while meeting their goals. Their budgets should always be able to meet their overall objectives. Email marketing is the most cost-effective approach you can use to reach your audience and promote your brand. Other advertising methods such as print and television can quickly get expensive with all the associated costs.

Conversely, the expense associated with email marketing is practically non-existent. If you don't have access to outside writers or designers, you will have to build the email content yourself. Most email marketing software such as Constant Contact or Dotdigital have ready-made templates that look good on all screen sizes.

2) Mobile customers are a growing opportunity

You can't neglect the role of mobile devices in your email marketing strategy. The use of mobile devices is increasing every day. This year, it’s estimated that there will be nearly five billion users of cellphones around the world. If businesses wish to remain viable in the digital marketplace, they should develop a mobile-first approach.

How many times do you check your emails or other messages per day? Every time someone looks at their phone, a brand has the chance to build a relationship with that person. Digital marketing provides plenty of chances for small companies to gain the attention of mobile users.

3) Write once, sell forever using Automation

The best part of email marketing is that many of its operations can be automated. You can create triggers that are connected to actions which automatically send emails to your customers after they've completed the chosen course of action.

For example, you can set up a Welcome Series, which is a series of emails sent to a user over time after signing up for your email list. One way you could go about this is setting up 3 emails: 1 sent right after signing up, another sent 3-4 days after email 1, and a third sent a week later. That’s 3 emails sent to people interested in your offering without needing your intervention.

Another example is an Abandoned Cart series. Let's say a visitor to your site adds merchandise from your online store to their shopping cart, but then abandon the site for whatever reason. Maybe they decided it was too expensive or got sidetracked and had to log off. With an Abandoned Cart series, you can send an email to them a certain period of time after leaving your website to remind them of the products they left in the cart. The Abandoned Cart method is extremely effective. Even more effective if you offer them an incentive in the subject line of your abandoned cart email(s) such as free shipping or a small discount.

Email marketing transforms a missed opportunity into a relationship-building opportunity for you. Once automation is applied, you don't have to think about the "the perfect moment" when you're ready to send your message. In addition, this allows you to focus on the high-level areas of your business while email works for you in the background.

4) Email marketing activities can be measured easily

Reporting on marketing metrics can often be a hassle. Email takes a lot of the guessing game out of understanding what works and what doesn’t. You can easily see who clicked, read, or failed to open your emails. With the right email tools, it's possible to conduct A/B tests that help you determine which content to use in your messages and which doesn't. It’s important to constantly test subject lines, preview text, and designs to ensure your message is on target against your benchmarks.


Next Steps

If you haven’t started using email marketing yet, you can start for free or little cost by using Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

From there, you’ll need to think about:

  • How do you get people to join your list?
  • What types of content you will offer subscribers?
  • What metrics are important to my business?

But sometimes you can't do it all yourself. Sometimes you need an email marketing consultant to guide you in the right direction.

Get in touch today to refine your email strategy.

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